List of the JASMIN Journal Articles

List of the JASMIN Journal Articles

Vol. 31 No. 1, June 2022

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Vol. 30 No. 4, March 2022

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Vol. 30 No. 3, December 2021

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Vol. 30 No. 2, September 2021

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Vol. 30 No. 1, June 2021

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Vol. 29 No. 4, March 2021

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Vol. 29 No. 3, December 2020

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Vol. 29 No. 2, June 2020

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Vol. 29 No. 1, June 2020

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Vol. 28 No. 4, March 2020

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Vol. 28 No. 3, December 2019

Vol. 28 No. 2, September 2019

Vol. 28 No. 1, June 2019

Vol. 27 No. 4, March 2019
【Special Issue on Management Information in the IoT Era】



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Vol. 27 No. 3, December 2018

Vol. 27 No. 2, September 2018
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Vol. 27 No. 1, June 2018
【Special Issue on “Autumn 2017 Conference/Spring 2018 Conference”】


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Vol. 26 No. 4, March 2018

Vol. 26 No. 3, December 2017

Vol. 26 No. 2, September 2017

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Vol. 26 No. 1, June 2017

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Vol. 25 No. 4, March 2017
【Special Issue on “Co-creation among Man and IT”】


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Vol. 25 No. 3, December 2016

Vol. 25 No. 2, September 2016

Vol. 25 No. 1, June 2016

Vol. 24 No. 4, March 2016
【Special Issue on “2015 Annual Conference”】

Vol. 24 No. 3, December 2015

Vol. 24 No. 2, September 2015

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Vol. 24 No. 1, June 2015

Vol. 23 No. 4, March 2015

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Vol. 23 No. 3, December 2014
【Special Issue on “Excellence in Case Method Research”】


Vol. 23 No. 2, September 2014

Vol. 23 No. 1, June 2014

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Vol. 22 No. 4, March 2014
【Special Issue on “2013 Annual Conference”】

Vol. 22 No. 3, December 2013

Vol. 22 No. 2, September 2013

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Vol. 22 No. 1, June 2013

Vol. 21 No. 4, March 2013

Vol. 21 No. 3, December 2012

Vol. 21 No. 2, September 2012
【Special Issue on “Co-creation among Man and IT”】



【Panel Discussion】

Vol. 21 No. 1, June 2012

Vol. 20 No. 4, March 2012
【Special Issue on “New Aspects of Innovation”】


Vol. 20 No. 3, December 2011

Vol. 20 No. 2, September 2011

【Research Note】

Vol. 20 No. 1, June 2011

Vol. 19 No. 4, March 2011

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Vol. 19 No. 3, December 2010
【Special Issue on “Environmental Issues and Management Information”】


【Case Study】

Vol. 19 No. 2, September 2010

Vol. 19 No. 1, June  2010

  • “Analysis of Firms Switching Main Bank: Empirical Study of Business Relationship Focusing on Physical Distance”,Tsuyoshi MORI

  • A Study on a Method for Automatic Extraction of Demand Change Points”, samu ICHIKIZAKI, Yasuyoshi MINEHISA, Tomoaki YAMAZAKI, Takashi KANAZAWA

  • An Investigation of Maintenance Activities on Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Operational Phase”,Akinori YOKOTA, Kazuhiko YASUDA

【Research Note】

  • “On the Key Enabler for an e-Marketplace Firm of B2B Food Industry”, Ayako KAWAI, Yasuto FUKUNAGA, Ryo SATO

Vol. 18 No. 4, March  2010

  • A Conceptual Model of Process Innovation in Supply Chain Based on the Theory of Organizational Capability: Case Studies of Three Manufacturers in Food and Beverage Industries”, Mikihisa NAKANO, Takuya AKIKAWA, Makoto SHIMAZU
  • “Agent-Based Simulation for Analyzing Platform Strategies of Cellular Operators”, Takuya FUJIKAWA, Yuhsuke KOYAMA, Hiroshi DEGUCHI

  • Next Generation Leaders’ Development as the Field for Creating “Leadership Network””, Atsutoshi OSHIMA
  • “Technological Distance among Inventors and Knowledge Creation during Corporate Merger”, Atsushi INUZUKA

Vol. 18 No. 3, December  2009
【Special Issue on】

  • “Communication of Knowledge”
    “Introduction to the Special Issue”, Masayasu TAKAHASHI

【Invited Article】

  • “Making Sense of Enterprise Resource Planning Implementations:
    A Narrative Analytic Approach”, David GRANT, Richard HALL


  • “When Strategy is Created: Toward New Agenda of Strategy Studies”, Motokazu UDAGAWA
  • “Constructing Markets through the Practice of Private Employment Service: A Case Study of White Color Job Market in Japan”, Akiyuki YATERA, Kenji KISAMORI
  • “Social Construction of Collaborative Labor-Management Relations: Informal Communication as Practice of Knowledge in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”, Toru KIYOMIYA, Yukari SAKAMOTO, Eiko MALCOLM, Mei HASHIMOTO
  • “Institution as a Linguistic Agency: Managing Interests by Encoding and Decoding the Organization Purpose as the Representation of Institution”, Mitsuhiro URANO
  • “1
    The Nature of Entrepreneurs and a Framework of Nurturing Entrepreneurs An Analysis of the Relationship between Penrose’s Concept and Harper’s Concept of Entrepreneur, and of ‘Theories-in-use’”, Tomihiko OHNO

  • Four Perspectives of Organizational Discourse Analysis”, Tatsuro KIMURA

Vol. 18 No. 2, September  2009

  • “The Consideration of Development Comparison and the Proposal of the Evaluation Method in Enterprise Currencies”, Hiromichi YASUOKA
  • “The Effect of Mobility Barrier and Firm-specific Barrier on Profitability: A Development of Resource Based Theory through Financial Data Analysis”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Yukiko INABA
  • “Analysis of the Affects on Effectiveness of Performance Measurement Systems by the Uncertainties of Organizational Behavior -?Proposal of “Landscape Analysis for Possibilities” and Its Application”, Yusuke GOTO, Shingo TAKAHASHI

Vol. 18 No. 1, June  2009

  • “Construction and Evaluation of Development Support System Based on Design Component Repository? -The Case of Test Process?”, Nozomi OOMIYA, Masaaki OHBA, Hisashi YAMAMOTO, Yukio MARUYAMA, Hideto REN
  • “Analysis of Performance Measurement System for Knowledge Sharing under Intraorganizational Competition”, Yusuke GOTO, Shingo TAKAHASHI, Yoshito SENOUE
  • “Rough Set Based Data Mining System and Its Application”, Peijun GUO

Vol. 17 No. 4, March  2009

  • “A Study on the Supply and Demand of Consumables by Utilizing Logistics and Usage Management Information”, Nobuyuki YAMAMOTO
  • “Consumer Consciousness and Issues Concerning Penetration of Non-Contact IC Card Type Electronic Money”, Zazuo WATABE, Kunihiko IWASAKI
  • “A Relationship between Social Capital and the Knowledge Creation Process in Business Organizations”, Tsuneki MUKAHI
  • “Conflict Resolution Method of TOC Thinking Process Using Player’s Gain ?A Proposal of CRD-Model Construction Steps?”, Hiroki NAKANO, Satoshi KUMAGAI
  • “Japanese IT Services Industry and Its Hierarchical Efficiency”, Hiroshi SASAKI

Vol. 17 No. 3, December  2008
【Special Issue on】

  • “Socio-Technical Approach and Information Systems Research”
    “Introduction to Special Issue”, Takeshi KOSAKA

【Invited Article】

  • “A Four-Paradigm Model of Computer Use and Action Research: Towards the Genealogy of Computer Use”, Kenichi UCHIYAMA


  • “Theory and Practice of Grounded Theory Methodology: A Cross-Cultural Information Systems Management Research in the Global Financial Business”, Hideyuki MATSUMOTO, David W. WILSON

【Research Note】

  • “The Spreading Process of New Technologies and Services of Recording Industry? A Time-Series Analysis Based on Structuration Theory?”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Kazukiyo WASHIZU

Vol. 17 No. 2, September  2008

  • “Device Business Innovation at End-Products Manufacturers: A Case Study on the Japanese Rechargeable Battery Device Business and Display Device Business in the Digital Appliance Industry”, Masaaki SAKAMOTO, Shuzo FUJIMURA
  • “Impacts on the Project Productivity Caused by Instruction Message Delays from Project Managers? -Analyses by Agent-Based Simulation?”, Masao WATABE, Takao TERANO
  • “Effectiveness of Organizational Structure in IT Governance”, Eiichi UMEHARA, Toshizumi OHTA

【Research Note】

  • “What Factors Cause an Information System’s Failure? ?Focusing on Conflicts among Stakeholders?”, Akinobu CHIWAKI, Yu SAKAZUME

Vol. 17 No. 1, June  2008

  • “An Agent-based Model of Consumer Behavior Including Social Network”, Hiroyuki MASUDA, Ryosuke KAMIMURA, Takeshi ARAI
  • “An Empirical Study on Effects of Management Resources Giving to Value Added through Scale Economies in Information Services Industry”, Takeshi HIROMATSU, Naoki TSUBONE, Manabu KURITA, Minoru KOBAYASHI
  • “A Proposed Method for Problem Specification Environment by XML”, Tsuyoshi MUKOHARA
  • “Media Saturation: Diversification of Communication Medium in Organization and Its Impacts”,Mikihito HAYASHI
  • “Impacts of Trust, Individual Factors, Participant Factors, Institutional Factors on Information Sharing and Diffusion in BBS”, Tsuneki MUKAHI

Vol.16 No.4 March  2008

  • “Consideration of SCM Division and Deployment of ‘Ba’ -based Case Studies of Food Manufacturers‐”, Takuya AKIKAWA
  • “Model Description Language for MIS Development: CAST”, Takao ASAHI , Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Bunpei NAKANO, Toshio SAITO, Naoki SHIBA, Nobuo CHIKUDA
  • “A Study on the Effects of Organisational Characteristics on the Return from IT Investments: Analysis of the METI Report, ‘100 Best IT Management Cases’”, Masaaki HIRANO

【Research Note】

  • “Improving Management System Audits by Knowledge Sharing with Ontologies”, Andreas GEHRMANN and Syohei ISHIZU

Vol.16 No.4 March  2008

  • “Consideration of SCM Division and Deployment of ‘Ba’ -based Case Studies of Food Manufacturers‐”, Takuya AKIKAWA
  • “Model Description Language for MIS Development: CAST”, Takao ASAHI , Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Bunpei NAKANO, Toshio SAITO, Naoki SHIBA, Nobuo CHIKUDA
  • “A Study on the Effects of Organisational Characteristics on the Return from IT Investments: Analysis of the METI Report, ‘100 Best IT Management Cases’”, Masaaki HIRANO

【Research Note】

  • “Improving Management System Audits by Knowledge Sharing with Ontologies”, Andreas GEHRMANN and Syohei ISHIZU

Vol.16 No.3 December  2007
【Special Issue on】

  • “Measuring and Improving the Return on IT Investments”
  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Masaaki HIRANO Articles
  • “Corporate Reforms and Information Technology: Multiple Comparisons by Firm Size”, Akihiko SHINOZAKI
  • “Organizational Capabilities and Management Requirements for Linking IT Investment with Corporate Performance”, Yutaka UTASHIRO
  • “The Effects of Supply Chain Management Systems on Productivity through a Reduction in Inventory Levels”, Takahito KANAMORI, Kazuyuki MOTOHASHI
  • “Empirical Studies for Information System Investment Management”, Dai ISOBE, Keiju MATSUSHIMA
  • “How are the Effects of IT Investments Created? -An Analysis of IT Assets and Organizational Characteristics in Japanese SME”, Kentaro OMORI, Dai SENOO

【Research Note】

  • “Qualitative Evaluation of Information Systems in Terms of Organizational Learning”, Takashi YAMAMOTO, Shingo TAKAHASHI

Vol.16 No.2 September  2007

  • “Valuation Methods and a Strategic Management Model for Innovative Voluntary Communities in the Internet”, Yuji NAGAMATSU, Shunji HIROKAWA
  • “On Integration of Manufacturing Planning and Control Systems for Supply Chain Management”, Ayako KAWAI, Ryo SATO
  • “A Conceptual Framework for Designing Supply Chain based on the Enterprise Discipline”, Tadashi YOSHII, Kazuhiko YASUDA

Vol.16 No.1 June  2007

  • “Negotiation Agent System for Labor and Management utilizing Genetic Programming for Learning and Fuzzy reasoning”, Koki MATSUMURA Hiroshi KONDO
  • “The Perceived Quality of Virtual Community and its Structure”, Tsuyoshi KANAMORI, Chizuru NISHIO
  • “A Study on Implementing Situation Dependent Services Based on Logical Approach”, Xiaojun DING, Junichi IIJIMA

Vol.15 No.4 March  2007

  • “A Proposal of a Framework for Analysis and Improvement of Indirect Clerical Work from the Viewpoint of Hierarchical Structure of Work Steps”, Hirokazu KONO, Hirotake YAMASHITA, Yasuhide ISHIDA, Yasuchika WAKAYAMA
  • “Relationship between Business Definition and the Long-Term Growth of Companies: An Empirical Study on Japanese Electric/Electronics and Chemical Companies”, Koji WAKABAYASHI, Hiroshi OSADA
  • “Self-enforcing of Differentiating Mechanism and the Unintentional Results: An Examination through Studying the Competitive History between JS-Ichitaro and MS-Word”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Takehisa TOKUNAGA

【Research Note】

  • “The Effective Scheme of Modeling for Human Resource Development ?heoretical Framework centered on Hub Persons-“, Asako TAKADA

Vol.15 No.3 December  2006
【Special Issue on】

  • “IT to Penetrate Deep in Business, Business Process Ever to Evolve”
    “Introduction to Special Issue”, Ryo SATO


  • “An Analysis of Critical Success Factors in ERP Implementation Project”, Akinori YOKOTO, Kazuhiko YASUDA
  • “New Revolution of Customer Relationship ?A Study About The Strategy that Exploit Customers as Resources-“, Tomihiko OHNO
  • “An Attribute-based Goal Selection Analysis Method”, Shinobu SAITO, Shuichiro YAMAMOTO
  • “The New Business Model Designing Method to Implement the Strategy in the To-Be Business Model”, Toshimi MUNEHIRA, Masatoshi MORI

Vol.15 No.2 September  2006

  • “A Study of the BBS Communities which Assist Practice Classes by Using Network Analysis”, Yoshihisa SHINOZAWA, Tomofumi UETAKE
  • “A Proposal of Consumers’ Brand Switching Behaviour Model with the Use of Multivariate Logit Model”, Yoshiakzu SAKAMAKI, Toshinori SAITO
  • “How Does a Firm’s Partnership Contribute to the Competitive Advantage? -A Case Study of ERP Package Business-”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Junsei KADO
  • “Construction of Flexible Production Information System”, Kazuhiro MATSUKURA, Shin NAGATA
  • “Design for Collaborative Communication in “Community of Practice” among Kyoto Craftsmen and Product Designers”, Takayuki SHIOZE , Nobuki NAKAGAWA, Hiroshi KAWAKAMI, Osamu KATAI

【Research Note】

  • “The Most Suitable Method for The Composition of Products Using Portfolio Theory in Distribution”,Takashi IWAMOTO, Shigeji MIYAZAKI
  • “Difference in R&D Process of New Drugs among Bio Startups of Different Business Models: Comparison of Business Strategy among six Bio Startups”, Hiroyuki OZAKI

Vol.15 No.1 June  2006

  • “Agent-based Model for Analysis of Customers’ Features in Target Marketing”,Daisuke TAKASHIMA, Shingo TAKAHASHI, Takahiro OHNO
  • “A Qualitative Approach for Planning R&D Topics and its Evaluation”, Shinichi KOBAYASHI , Yasuyuki SHIRAI, Fumihiro KUMENO, Satoshi NISHIYAMA, Shinya SANO, Naoki ASAI,Akio SATO and Hiroshi INUJIMA
  • “A study on high-IQ organizations: comparative analysis of Japan and US”,Andre STOFFELS, Kan-ichiro SUZUKI and Masaaki HIRANO

【Research Note】

  • “The Most Suitable Method for The Composition of Products Using Portfolio Theory in Distribution”,Takashi IWAMOTO, Shigeji MIYAZAKI
  • “Difference in R&D Process of New Drugs among Bio Startups of Different Business Models: Comparison of Business Strategy among six Bio Startups”, Hiroyuki OZAKI

Vol.14 No.4 March  2006

  • “Application of extSLV (extended Solver) to A Continuous Non-combinatorial Problem: Linear Quadratic Dynamic Optimization Problem”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Toshio SAITO
  • “Transition for Management Information System of Smaller Enterprises”, Kazuhiro MATSUKURA
  • “Network Externalities and Information Strategies of Corporations”, Hiroyuki SHIRAISHI
  • “IS Procurement Models in Local Governments and Possibility of Entry for Small Software Firms ”, Mikihito HAYASHI
  • “Development of “IT Management Effectiveness” and Analyses of Japanese Companies”, Yasuo KADONO, Hiroe TSUBAKI
  • “Implementation of BSC in a Medical Institution and Information Management”, Masaaki HIRANO, Shuichi SUDOU, Toru UCHIDA

Vol.14 No.3 December  2005
【Special Issue on“The Human Side of Information Technology”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Haruo TAKAGI, Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI, and Naoko KATO


  • “An Impact of Ability, Personality and Trust on Getting/Giving Information in Virtual Environments”, Tsuneki MUKAHI
  • “The Impact of Affect on Risky Decision Making in Organization -An Empirical Examination of Method for Affect Variable Settings in Prior Research-”, Yukari YAMAZAKI
  • “An Active Means of Gathering, Processing and Screening Primary Information for Top Management”, Tokuo FUJITA
  • “The Efficiency of the Hub of the Human Network at the Crisis Situation: The case study of St.Luke’s hospital, Asako TAKADA
  • “Recommendation Technique of Goods by Fusion to Subjective Evaluation of Sellers and Data-mining”, Masahiko ISHINO, Naokazu YAMAKI, Teruhisa ICHIKAWA, Tadanori MIZUNO
  • “An Empirical Study on the Change of People and Organization by Utilizing Cellular Phone in Business”, Hisamitsu NISIOKA, Akihiko ARAKI, Tetsuo UI

Vol.14 No.2 September  2005

  • “A System Development Methodology Based on Model Theory: MGST Approach to Transaction Processing System”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Bunpei NAKANO, Toshio SAITO, Takao ASAHI, Naoki SHIBA, Takuhei SHIMOKAWA, Toru TAKAGI
  • “A Framework for Generic ERP Implementation Project”,Akinori YOKOTA, Kazuhiko YASUDA
  • “Research on the Change Point Analysis of the Demand in Case of Consumables Production”, Nobuyuki YAMAMOTO, Toshiyuki MATSUMOTO, Takashi KANAZAWA
  • “Analysis of Multi-agent Systems on Planer Cells Consisting of Local Interaction and GP Learning-Applications to the Analysis of Collaboration Among Firms, Considering Chaoticity and It’s Control-”, Jianjun LU, Shozo TOKINAGA

Vol.14 No.1 June  2005

  • “Collaboration Strategy Analysis taking IC Tag Business-From the View of “Mass Customization”- ”, Hiroshi TAKAHASHI
  • “Effectiveness of Information Sources and Purchasing Behavior on Evaluation Site Users -A Correlation Analysis using Length of Subscription Period and Number of Purchase Times based on Evaluative Information on the Site-”, Yuichi SASAKI, Hiroshi TSUDA
  • “Hatch, the Cross Reference Support System based on the Model of Problem Space”, Mitsuharu WATANABE
  • “A Proposal and its Application of Component Development Method for Application Software”, Kazuki YOSHIDA, Junichi IIJIMA
  • “Minimal Evaluation Structure for Inconsistent Multi-attributes Decision-making ―Selection and Addition Method of Evaluation Attributes―”, Andreas GEHRMANN , Syohei ISHIZU

Vol.13 No.4 March  2005

  • “An Operational Method for User Model Building of Solver by Systems Approach”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA , Toshio SAITO
  • “Causality among Information and Resource Related Factors in Japanese High Technology Industries- Pathway Analysis of Organizational IQ Principles-”, Kan-ichiro SUZUKI, Takeshi MORI
  • “Analysis of the Factors Contributing to Higher Performance in the Japanese Online Securities Industry: Research Based on a Statistical Analysis of Leading Companies”, Ayako TAKAI
  • “Japanese Companies’ Corporate Websites and Information Utilization Processes”, Reika KOHASHI
  • “Causal Structure of IT Management Effectiveness in Japanese Companies”, Yasuo KADONO, Hiroe TSUBAKI

Vol.13 No.3 December  2004
【Special Issue on “Technology Management Approach: Toward New Areas of Management Informatics”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Kumiko MIYAZAKI

【Guest Article】

  • “Technology Leadership in the Twenty First Century”, Dundar F. Kocaoglu


  • “The Evaluation and Selection of Product Development Alternatives introducing Outside Technologies”, Yuya ISHIDA , Yasuo KUSAKA
  • “Knowledge Utilization within an IT-related Firm”, Atsushi INUZUKA
  • “Manufacturing Technology Management for Product Design and Manufacturing Cooperation”, Takehisa SEINO, Kiyoshi NIWA
  • “3G Mobile Diffusion in Japan~Technology Strategies of KDDI and NTT DoCoMo and Technology Adoption by Users”, Kjartan JONSSON, Kumiko MIYAZAKI
  • “Management of NPO-Driven Decentralized Research System: Research on New Industry-Academia-Government Cooperative Research System”, Shu ISHIGURO

Vol.13 No.2 September  2004

  • “An Analysis of Competitive Advantage in the Industries Characterized by Modularized Structure: A Case Study of Historical Transition of Competitive Advantage in the ISP Business”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Mitsuru TSUTSUMI
  • “A Method of Determining the Number of ATMs by an Agent Model”, Takehiko ABE, Takuya TAJIMA, Tadanobu MISAWA, Kazuyoshi ISHII, Haruhiko KIMURA
  • “The Decision Support of Management Strategy by the Mutual Reference System, Hatch.”, Mitsuharu WATANABE
  • “Information Management with ASIV, An Investigative Approach to Conditions of Information Use, Incorporating an Object-Oriented Structure of Checking Items”, Koji HIRANO
  • “Trial Development of a Task Support System for Improving Supermarket Branches with the Use of Perceptual Maps”, Yumiko TAGUCHI, Tsutomu TABE
  • “A Formulation of Asset Allocation Problem by the Mathematical Organization Theory”, Ayako SHIBUYA

Vol.13 No.1 June  2004

  • “Framework in Agent-based Approach for Analysis of Evolutionary Processes of Consumers’ Preferences”, Shingo TAKAHASHI
  • “An Empirical Study on Computerization and Internal/External Human Resources in Small and Medium Enterprises”, Tsuneki MUKAHI
  • “A Model of Knowledge Management through Intra-firm Market”, Shigetaka YAMAKAWA, Masashi UMEZAWA
  • “Modeling and Analysis of Information Sharing in Collaboration among Firms and its Applications:Focusing on Forecast Methods and Cost for Information Sharing”, Yoshinori KISHIKAWA, Shozo TOKINAGA
  • “Analysis of Alliances based on Firm’s Organizational Structure”, Hiroshi YASUDA , Junichi IIJIMA
  • “The Economic Evaluation Framework of Enterprise Information Systems Applied to Real Options”, Shoei KOMATSU

Vol.12 No.4 March  2004

  • “Design and Implementation of Solver by Systems Approach-Systems Development Methodology for Problem Solving Type Management Information System-”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA , Naoki SHIBA, Toru TAKAGI, Yoshio YANO
  • “A Method for Identifying Tasks Subject to Information Strategy”, Hirokazu TANAKA , Toshiyuki HATTORI, Taketoshi YOSHIDA, Dai SENOO, Tadashi HONDA, Akihiro KOGEN
  • “Application of MGST Design Approach to Data Mining System: Case of I-O-O Type Problem”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA , Takao ASAHI, Junhua HU
  • “Marketing Strategy of Financial Institution in Electronic Society”, Tetsuro SAISHO
  • “A Study on the Factors for Performance of Teleworker”, Daisuke SAHORI, Kunihiko HIGA

Vol.12 No.3 December  2003
【Special Issue on “Agent-based Approach: Toward a New Paradigm of Management Informatics”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Takao TERANO

【Guest Article】

  • “Advancing the Art of Simulation in the Social Sciences”, Robert Axelrod


  • “Synthesis of Multi-agent Systems Based on the Co-evolutionary Genetic Programming by Considering Social Learning and its Applications to the Analysis of Artificial Stock Markets”, Yoshikazu IKEDA, Shozo TOKINAGA
  • “A Development of the Multiple Agents Simulator that Supports the Investment Strategy under Competitive Environment”, Hirokazu TANAKA, Kazuhiro NOTOMI, Yosuke MURAYAMA
  • “Reputation Management System on Online C2C Market”, Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, Kazunari ISHIDA, Toshizumi OHTA
  • “An Analysis of Incident Report Transmission Process within an Organization using Agent-based Simulation”, Hiroyuki MASUDA
  • “Technological Competition of High-tech Industry and Policies-Analyses by Agent-based Simulation, Hao LEE, Hiroshi DEGUCHI

Vol.12 No.2 September  2003

  • “An Analysis on Key Success Factors of Different Corporate Alliances: R&D-Based Venture Company Cases”, Sadaharu TEZUKA , Kiyoshi NIWA
  • “Basic Concepts and Algorithms for the Construction of Evaluation Structure”, Syohei ISHIZU, Hiroyuki AMAKASU
  • “The Behavior of Silent Participants (ROMs: Read Only Members) to the Net”, Jiro KOKURYO, Sawako NOHARA

【Research Note】

  • “An Approach to Diagrammatic Expression in Interpretive IS Research -A Framework of Dialectical Structuration-”, Takeshi KOSAKA

Vol.12 No.1 June  2003

  • “A Method for Group Learning in the Course of Management Information”, Teruhisa ICHIKAWA, Morio NAGATA
  • “Proposal of “EII Meta-model” as Integration Framework for Enterprise Information Systems”, Yukio NAMBA, Junichi IIJIMA
  • “Effects of the Internet-related Factors on Differentiation of the Internet Businesses”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Toshihito KADOWAKI
  • “An Effect of Initial Belief on Sequential Information Processing: Re-interpretations of Previous Studies on Auditors’ Belief Updating”,Yukari YAMAZAKI

Vol.11 No.4 March  2003

  • “How to Build the Customer Segments by Joint Segmentation Model with Use of Individual Attributes”, Yoshikazu SAKAMAKI
  • “Frameworks for Analysis and Improvement of Information Processes Focusing on Disparities in Interdepartmental Awareness”, Yu SAKAZUME
  • “Corporate Governance and Exercise of Voting Rights by IT”, Hirotoku KOJIMA
  • “Effects of Open Policy of Standardized Product on the Related Web’s Structure and Development-The Comparison of the Related Webs of PDAs in Japan-”,Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Kenji ITOH
  • “A Modeling and Analysis of the Information Sharing In the Context of Corporate Networks: On the Basis of Questionnaire about the EC and EDI Transactions”, Seigo MATSUNO, Shozo TOKINAGA

Vol.11 No.3 December  2002
【Special Issue on “Marketing in the Age of Real and Virtual World Interact”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”,Naoto ONZO

【Guest Article】

  • “The Evolution of Marketing through Information Technology”, Yukihiko UEHARA


  • “Information Search and Consumer Behavior:How Do Consumers Utilize Information on the Internet?”, Naoki NAGASHIMA, Seiji SHINDO
  • “Information Channel Effect in Music CD Market: An Agent-based Approach to Winner-Take-All”, Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, Isamu OKADA, Nobuchika KOBAYASHI, Toshizumi OHTA

【Research Note】

  • “An Overview of EC Research: E-commerce Research Forum 1998-2001”,Koichi TONEGAWA
  • “Analysis of Opt-in e-mail Service in terms of Mail Formats, Contents Construction, and Incentives”, Manabu INOUCHI, Kiyoshi NIWA
  • “A Guide to Further Readings”, Atsuko INOUE

Vol.11 No.2 September  2002

  • “Adaptive Behavior of Organization-Formal Approach”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA , Ebai RIU, Kyoichi KIJIMA
  • “A Study on the Production Planning for the Products with Restrincted Demand Periods”,Makoto NAKANO
  • “Trust Management in Knowledge Community”,Shigeo ATSUJI, Shae-Chang SHYI, Yoshiko HIRAYAMA
  • “Changes of Characteristics of B to B Transactions in the Information Age: Opening Competition Destined for Continuous Cooperation”, Tatsuhiko INOUE

Vol.11 No.1 June  2002

  • “Cybernetics/Systems Approach to Transformation of the Towel Production Firms in Osaka”, Takayuki KOGA
  • “IDEF0 Methodology for Business Process Modeling -A Schema of IDEF0 Application in the Context of Business Model”, Satoshi KUMAGAI, Isao YAMADA
  • “On a Cataloguing of Data Source Types, Conceptual Form Generation Patterns, and Conceptual Form Templates”,Masatake NAKANISHI
  • “A Design and Implementation of OODB for EUD by Prolog”,Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Naoki SHIBA, Toru TAKAGI

Vol.10 No.4 March  2002

  • “Analysis Method for IDEF3 Model Using Connectivity of Collaboration Object -Acquisition and Evaluation of Scenario Using Synthetic Binding Method -”, Yoshitaka TOMITA, Satoshi KUMAGAI
  • “Analysis of Maintenance/Enhancement Mechanism of Value of Alliance among International Telecommunications Carriers”, Yoshitoku FUKUNAGA
  • “Design and System Theoretic Implementation of a Menu System Generator-Meta Support of UI for Task Processing”,Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Xiaohong CHEN, Yongmei LIU
  • “Analysis on MIS Flexibility via POC”, Masaru FURUKAWA
  • “The Possibility of IT in Decision Making Process of Public Administrative Organizations – Pursuit of Rationality from every respect”, Masashi NAKANO

Vol.10 No.3 December  2001
【Special Issue on “Business Model”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Hirofumi MATSUO, Masato KODA

【Guest Article】

  • “Business Models for Supply Chain Management :Analysis and Design”, Naoaki FUJINO, Keiichi HIMENO


  • “The Relation between Change of Industry Model and Innovation of Business Model-An Analytical Framework through Case Analysis on Model Changes of Information Goods Industry-”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Akihiko MINOWA
  • “The Research for Business Model for Copyrighted Digital Goods- Classification of Price Model and Legal Regulations-”, Makoto KIMURA
  • “A Method for Classifying Internet-Related Business Model Patents”, Makoto UEDA, Hirofumi MATSUO

Vol.10 No.2 September  2001

  • “Analysis and Evaluation of the Usage of Ordering Support Tool in GDSS with Video Conferencing Systems”, Mitsunori FUSUKI, Michiru TANAKA, Yoshimi TESHIGAWARA, Yoshiyasu YAMADA
  • “Factors of Determining Openness of Sellers’ Information for Matching with Buyers on Open Networks”, Yoko TAKEDA
  • “Achieving Economic Rationality through Altruistic Decision Making: Redefining Support and its Implications”, Yasuo TATEOKA
  • “The Support to Agility of End User”, Miyaji TANIGAWA

Vol.10 No.1 June  2001

  • “A Preliminary Survey Research on Skills of Systems Engineers Who Support the Strategic Management through Information Technology”, Toshiaki ARITA, Kiyoshi ARAI
  • “Effects of Top Management Characteristics on Corporate Performance-An Empirical Study Using Demography Factors-”, Yukari YAMAZAKI
  • “Enterprise Information System Strategies in Pharmaceutical Industry-Investigation from the State-of-the-Art ERP Implementations-”, Hiroko SUZUKI, Kazuhiko YASUDA
  • “On the Modeling of Group Decision-making in Electronic Meeting System (EMS)-Numerical Comparison of Markov Models for Five Different Sorts of EMS-”, Shun-ichi KIGAWA
  • “Knowledge Sharing in an Alliance Community: R&D-Based Venture Company Cases ”, Sadaharu TEZUKA, Kiyoshi NIWA

Vol.9 No.4 March  2001

  • “Design Rationale Based on the Design Space Transition Model and Its Application to the Information System Development ”, Tetsuya ODAKA
  • “Evaluation Method for the Productivity of Research in Enterprises”, Teruhisa ICHIKAWA, Hidekazu TSUJI, Kumio KASAHARA, Takashi KATAGI
  • “Middle Managers’ Utilization of Information Systems and Leadership Behavior”, Michio KUSHIMA
  • “An Experimental Study on GSS(Group Support System) in Asynchronous/Distributed Environment”, Hisamitsu NISHIOKA, Tetsuo Ul

【Research Note】

  • “A Method for Problem Identification and Analysis on Information Flow In Case that Semi-Specified Information Is Incorporated”, Hirokazu KONO, Hirotake YAMASHITA, Yu SAKAZUME

Vol.9 No.3 December  2000

  • “Empirical Analysis of the Interaction between Information Infrastructure and Human Resources Management”, Mitsuharu WATANABE, Kazuhiko ARAKAWA
  • “Critical Success Factors for Cooperation in Small Manufacturing Firm’s Relations: Consistency in Skills and Mechanism of their Accomplishment and Maintenance”,Yu SAKAZUME
  • “Two-phase Method Using for the Internet E-mail Environment: Proposal and Applications”, Kazuo SATOH, Hiroshi NOGUCHI, Ryousuke HOTAKA
  • “A Study on the Design of Questionnaires for More Accurate Information about Customer Satisfaction-A Proposal of the Adequate Methods of Scale Evaluation-”, Kazuhiko MARUYAMA, Noriaki KANDA
  • “The Internet Commerce-Platform Business for the Contribution to Industrial Development-Business Classification by Information Exchange and Knowledge Making Model-”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Makoto KIMURA

Vol.9 No.2 September  2000
【Special Issue on “E-Commerce and Management Information Systems ”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Jiro KOKURYOU
  • “Research Material”, Chihiro SUEMATSU


  • “An Analysis Model for Business Form Change Caused by Cyber Space Marketization-Utilizing Cases of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry-”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Sachiyo OGAWA
  • “Higher Price at Electronic Marketplace”, Tomoyoshi MATSUDA, Ho Geun LEE
  • “The Classification of the Business Models of Internet Auctions for Consumer Statistical Analyses of Internet Auctions in the USA ”, Miho NOJIMA
  • “A Guide to Further Reading ”, Makoto KIMURA

Vol.9 No.1 June  2000

  • “A Study on Characteristics of Type Symbols in Structure Matrix and Representation of Business Structures”, Takayuki TOYAMA, Naoki SHIBA, Junichi IIJIMA
  • “Development of User・Eentered Information Systems and its Applications: Synagy Effects by Combining Waterfall Methodology With SSM”, Jun OURA, Kyoichi KIJIMA
  • “Development of a Pre-production Process Support System Using Activity Model Linked to Background Information”, Yoshiyuki NAGASAKA, Shin KISANUKI
  • “A Study of Hierarchical Information Management and the Effective use”, Kenji HIRANO, Toyohiko HAYAKAWA
  • “integrated Model of Production and Cost Factors based on Structure Matrix”, Takayuki TOYAMA, Junichi IIJIMA

Vol.8 No.4 March  1999

  • “Analysis of the Structural Change of the Industry Based on the Type of a Firm’s Behavior-the Pluralistic Approach Applied for the Japanese Motorcycle Industry- ”, Hirokazu TANAKA , Naoki SHIBA
  • “The Management of the Organization Reform by Learning”, Toshio SAITO, Morihiko IINUMA, Chiaki NOMOTO
  • “OFP Analyzing System Based on User-participated Modeling Method”, Hiroaki SHIRAI, Junichi IIJIMA
  • “A Quantitative Analysis on Labor-saving Effect of Informatization”, Takeshi HIROMATSU , Manabu KURITA, Naoki, Minoru KOBAYASHI ,Gohsei OHIRA
  • “Research on Benefits of Information Sharing in an Arborescent Inventory System”, De-bi TSAO, Kouhei WAKABAYASHI

Vol.8 No.3 December  1999

  • “Rebuilding Human Resource Development System to Create ” the Learning Organization””, Aki NAKANISHI, Kyoichi KIJIMA
  • “A Method for Virtual Enterprise Risk Assessment”, Yohtaro MIYANISHI, Nobuhiro KATAOKA, Shunichiro NAKAMURA, Takayoshi YAGISH ITA
  • “Multi-criteria Evaluation of Computer Integrated Enterprise Systems”, Atsushi SUZUKI, Kenji YURA, Ljubisa B. VLACIC, Masayuki MATSUI, Yotaro OGIWARA
  • “An Implementation of the SQL Functions for an Object Oriented Data Base”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA , Naoki SHIBA, TAKAGI

Vol.8 No.2 September  1999

  • “Collective Decision Making of Work Agents in Self-Organised Manufacturing Scheduling”, Toshiya KAIHARA, Susumu FUJII, Satoshi KUNIMASA
  • “Quality Competitiveness and Communication Systems”, Atsuko EBINE, Michiya MORITA
  • “A Method for Problem Identification and Improvement on Information Flow and Physical Distribution -Flow Diagram and Checkpoints for Problem Identification -”, Hirokazu KONO, Yu SAKAZUME, Akio FUJISAWA
  • “Inter-Organizational Learning and Corporate Transformation through Strategic Alliances -The Case of the Joint R&D Strategy on the Semiconductor Manufacturing Business- ”, Akiko MATSUYUKI
  • “IDEF0-based Software Development Process Analysis -A Study on Scheduling Systems-”, Akihiro ABE, Tetsuo TAMAI

Vol.8 No.1 June  1999

  • “Modeling Business Processes through DFD’s and Petri Nets”, Ryo SATO
  • “On Control Mechanism of Business Processes”, Ryo SATO
  • “A Study of the EDI Systems analized from the Aspects of the Reuse of EDI Data and Corporate Networking -Analysis based upon a Questionaire-”, Yoko OGUSHI, Shozo TOKINAGA
  • “An Electronic Support Tool for Communication prior to Decision Making Meetings based on Analysis of Asynchronous Electronic Communication”, Tomohumi UETAKE, Morio NAGATA
  • “A Study of Social Dilemma in an Information Space and Emergence of Cyber Commons”, Hitoshi YAMAMOTO, Toshizumi OHTA

Vol.7 No.4 March  1999
【Special Issue on“Knowledge Network and Power Innovation”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Yoshiya TERAMOTO


  • “On the Concept of Power – its tradition and innovation-”, Yoichi KOMATSU
  • “Innovation of Power Paradigm led from Advanced Information Technology A Next Model of Competition Strategy for Digital Economy”, Tamotsu HARADA
  • “Paradox of the Channel Power on EDI systems”, Hiroshi SASAKI
  • “Business Organizing Power of Inter-personal Networks and New Possibilities Utilizing the Internet”, Hikari AKIZAWA
  • “Changes of Power Relations Caused By Electronic Collaboration in Office -Information Panopticon in Office -”, Toshifumi UMEDA

Vol.7 No.3 December  1998

  • “Quantification of Inter-Functional Relations in Work Processes Based on Information Contents”, Hiroyuki UMEMURO, Takao ENKAWA, Shinichiro HIRAOKA Hidenao IGARASHI
  • “The Role of “Customer-to-Customer” Interaction on Computer Networks”, Jiro KOKURYO
  • “An Application Methodology of Future Estimation Function in Manufacturing Management System and its Effectiveness ”, Toshiya KAIHARA, Hiroshi IMAI, Hideaki YUKI, Hiroshi SAITO
  • “A Study on Information Management System for Management of Senior Housing Industry”, Hiroyuki YOSHITAKE
  • “How to Design Incentive Systems Considering the Traits of Jobs”, Ryohei MATSUMURA, Bumpei NAKANO, Takehiro INOHARA Shingo TAKAHASHI
  • “Analysis and Improvement of Order Fulfillment Process”, Hiroaki SHIRAI
  • “Toward Knowledge Management in Business Organizations Through Models of Distributed Intelligence ”, Hiroshi HATAKAMA, Takao TERANO
  • “A Study on Generating Cooperation Forms of Multi-Agent Based on an Operational Organization Model”, Kazunari ISHIDA, Yutaka TACHIBANA, Toshizumi OHTA
  • “Business Strategy and Information Systems Strategy of Japanese Companies”, Michio KUSHIMA

Vol.7 No.2 September  1998

  • “Network and Customer Support System”, Motomasa DAIGO
  • “A Model of Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Information Systems in System Audits”, Toshinori CHIKARA, Kiichi FUJINO, Masayuki HORIE
  • “The Conditions of Successful Software Development for Customer Application Project-Through Project Review”, Tohru TOHYAMA
  • “Information for Management Preservation Considering Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Small Supermarkets”, Tomonobu SHIBUYA, Yumiko TAGUCHI, Tsutomu TABE

【Research Note】

  • “Groupwork Support with a Mobile Computing Environment -An Implementation Using PHS -”, Hiroki TODA, Naoki SHIBA
  • “Issues of Information Systems Outsourcing and its Viewpoint of Evaluation”, Sadamu OKADA

Vol.7 No.l June  1998
【Special Issue on “Current Management Systems and Organizational Intelligence”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”,Toshizumi OHTA, Tomofumi SUMITA, Masaaki HIRANO, Yoshiyasu YAMADA


  • “For the special issue on “Current Management Systems and Organizational Intelligence” ”, James G. March
  • “Organizational Intelligence” -The Critical Success Factor”, Heiner Muller-Merbach
  • “Organizational Intelligence as Process and as Product of Managerial Thought”,J.-L. Le Moigne


  • “Researches of Organizational Intelligence”, Toshizumi OHTA


  • “Innovation of Japanese Management System and Organizational Intelligence”, Shuji HAYASHIDA, Tomofumi SUMITA


  • “A Viewpoint as an External Constraint” in Organizational Intelligence: Effects on R&D Managers”, Akihito KANAI, Kiyoshi NIWA
  • “An Organizational Intelligence Model of Brokerage-Type Inter-organizational Structure -On an Impact of Information Networking -”, Jin-San LIN, Kazunari ISHIDA
  • “Market Intelligence as People’s Cooperative Intelligence”, Eiichi UMEHARA
  • “Design of the Standard of Personnel Evaluation System by Hierarchical-Poly-Agent Organizations”, Hirokazu TANAKA

Vol.6 No.4 March  1998

  • “An Analysis for Characteristics of Users’ Behaviors in Electronic Mail Environment based on a Genetic Algorithm”, Tetsuya UCHIKI
  • “A Comparative Study of Information System in Local Government and Private Companies -Four Types of Information System and It’s Application-”, Tatsumi SHIMADA, Makoto FUKUI
  • “Creating Learning Organization: Through Systems Thinking by Simulation”, Shigehisa TSUCHIYA
  • “An Algebraic Analysis of Form Structures with a ‘conceptual Form’ Model”, Masatake NAKANISHI
  • “A Corporation Evaluation Support System for Strategic Plans”,Yasuyoshi SAKAMOTO, Masashige TSUJI

Vol.6 No.3 December  1997
【Special Issue on “Information Network and Systems Approach”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue”, Kyoichi KIJIMA, Hiroshi DEGUCHI, Tatsuyuki NEGORO

【Invited Article】

  • “Systems Thinking and Information Systems Development”, Mike C. Jackson
  • “Comments to M.C. Jackson’s Article”, Kyoichi KIJIMA


  • “Comparison of Organizational Cultures of Silicon Valley and Japan from Viewpoints of Information Systems Utilization”, Chihiro SUEMATSU
  • “Roles of Soft Systems Approach on Group Decision Support”, Takehiro INOHARA, Shingo TAKAHASHI, Bunpei NAKANO
  • “The Entrepreneurial Networking for Promoting Business Start-ups: Network Management utilizing the Internet”, Hikari AKIZAWA, Kyoichi KIJIMA

【Research Note】

  • “On View Point of Modeling Structure of Business Organizations”, Ayumi TESHIMA

【A Guide to Further Reading】

  • “A Bird’s-eye view of Information Network and Systems Approach: An Annotated Bibliography from the perspective of Organizational Transformation and Soft Approach”, Tatsuyuki NEGORO, Hiroshi DEGUCHI

Vol.6 No.2 September  1997

  • “Characterizing the Mutual Consent between End Users and IS Department about the Effectiveness of Computerization.-The Division of Responsibility for Computerization-”, Sho HANAOKA
  • “A Viability-based Efficiency concept of R&D Investment and its indices”, Cheongho LEE, Kyoichi KIJIMA
  • “A Simulation Approach Based on an Interaction Model of Agents”, Hideaki SHIMBA, Toshizumi OHTA
  • “Decision-Support System for Opening A New Supermarket Store”, Yumiko TAGUCHI, Tsutomu TABE

Vol.5 No.3 March  1997

  • “The Structure of Communication Networks of Female Employees in Organizations”, Atsuko EBINE
  • “A Software are Development Method for Sequence Control Systems Using State-Fence Diagrams and Virtual Objects”, Hiromi KOBAYASHI, Yasunari SHIDAMA
  • “Foundation of EUD for Problem Solution-Conceptual Framework”, Yasuhiko TAKAHARA, Akira SHIMIZU
  • “Special Integration Groups Corner”

Vol.5 No.2 December  1996

  • “A Support Environment for Requirements Acquisition of Information Systems Using Visual Representations”, Kenji MORITA, Morio NAGATA
  • “A Participation Factor Model on Information Sharing Activities”, Kazumitsu TAGAMI
  • “Multi-agent Model of Knowledgeable Activities in Organizations”, Hiroshi HATAKAMA, Takao TERANO


  • “The Effect of Auditors’ Belief on Their Information Processing: Integrative Interpretation”, Yutaka UEDA
  • “Determination Factor of the Power Balance between the Firms”,Takeshi SHIIKI, Keiju MATSUSHIMA

Vol.5 No.1 August  1996

  • “Upgrading of Manual Management System”, Teruhiko Uemukai, Minoru Matsuda, Reiko Takamori
  • “A Mathematical Study of Organizational Structure and Information Technology”, Kazuaki Ishida, Tadashi Yamamoto, Toshizumi Ohta
  • “Negotiation Simulation System Based on the Searching Method of Neural Network”, Koki Matsumura
  • “Special Integration Groups Corner”
  • “Progress or Final Reports of JASMIN Special Integration Groups The JASMIN Research Committee”, Hikaru Kajita, Chairman

Vol.4 No.4 March  1996

  • “Analysis by a Genetic Algorithm for Two-persons Negotiation with Linear Additional Evaluation Function”, Koki Matsumura
  • “Organizational DSS and the Methodology for its Realization -Implementation Theory of the DSS that has a Model Integration Mechanism-”, Bunpei Nakano, Shingo Takahashi, Hirokazu Tanaka
  • “Individual Differences in Information Presentation Order Effects”, Yutaka Ueda
  • “Thinking Out of Already Present To Develop New Products”, Yasutaka Maeda

Vol.4 No.3 November  1995

  • “A Managerial Cost Index and Analysis Method for its Reduction”, Futoshi Kamiwaki, Takao Enkawa
  • “Analysis of Depreciation Method Selection by Information Criterion”, Kazunori Watase
  • “Traditional Management Control Systems and New Organizations -a View of Deci’s Motivation Theory-”, Eri Yokota
  • “The Analyzability of the Effect of the World View Heterogeneity in Decision Making Groups”, Yutaka Ueda
  • “The Two Processes of Group Decision Making and the Effects of GDSS”, Yutaka Ueda

Vol.4 No.2 August  1995
【Special Issue- “IT Infrastructure and Industrial Society”】

  • “Introduction to Special Issue- “IT Infrastructure and Industrial Society””, Masaaki Hirano


  • “In Search of the Model of Knowledge-based or Information-based Organizations -The Symphony Orchestra as an Example-”, Masaaki Hirano
  • “Information Infrastructure as a Industrial Platform”, Hiroshi Deguchi
  • “Current Trends of High-Tech and Global Activities of Japanese Business and their Relation to Information infrastructure in Asian Countries”, Shozo Tokinaga, Yasuyuki Ishida
  • “Evaluation and Comparison of Public Policies for Promoting Information Industry”, Kyoichi Kijimav
  • “Productivity of Information Systems in Japanese Manufacturing Industries”, Sakae Okuda
  • “A Theory of Social Information Systems and its Basic Models”, Toshizumi Ohta, Tadashi Yamamoto
  • “A New Approach to Organizational Intelligence”, Kiyoshi Niwa

Vol.4 No.1 July  1995

  • “Decision Support Based on GSS Approach -Serial Decomposition of Process System-”, Junichi Iijima
  • “A Basic Framework for Application of Narrative Generation System to Marketing and Advertising Integrated Support System”, Takashi Ogata, Mitsuharu Watanabe, Koichi Hori, Setsuo Ohsuga
  • “Application of Genetic Algorithm to Analysis of Adaptation Processes of Individual Perceptions in Hypergame Situation”, Shingo Takahashi, Bumpei Nakano, Masako Arase
  • “Integrated Modeling of Reengineering and Kaizen”, Anitesh Barua, C.- H. Sophie Lee, Kazuo Watabe, Andrew B. Whinston

Vol.3 No.3 Mar  1995

  • “Management Information to meet the Requirements of the Times of Structual Revolution of Environment”, Hajime Utsunomiya
  • “Key Issues in Information Systems Management :A Japanese Perspective ”, Young-Gul Kim , Osamu Sato
  • “Likely Future Development of Decision Support System for Investment Strategy”, Kuniaki Yajima
  • “The Development of Expert Systems Based on the Standardization of Designing Methods (priority given to supporting the scheduling work)”, Sachio Okayama , Shinichi Sasagawa

Vol.3 No.2 January  1995

  • “Asset Liability Management Model with Bank Branches”, Norio Hibiki, Tadaaki Fukukawa
  • “Design-Manufacture Interface: Production Information System for Metal Mold Manufacturing”, Mitsumasa Sugawara, Hitoshi Tsubone
  • “The Design and Implementation of a Model Description Language(MDL) for DSS”, Yasuhiko Takahara, Junichi Iijima, Naoki Shiba, Denjiro Hirota
  • “Development of a DSS for the business planning based on the Model Integration Approach -a case study of DSS using organizational knowledge”, Hirokazu Tanaka, Yasuhiko Takahara, Naoki Shiba, Junichi Iijima, Bunpei Nakano

Vol.3 No.l October  1994

  • “Formulation of Model Integration Approach and Implementation by Graphical User Interface”, Yasuhiko Takahara, Junichi Iijima, Naoki Shiba, Denjiro Hirota
  • “Network Oriented Change of Industrial Structure”, Hiroshi Deguchi
  • “Evaluation Criteria for Virtual Reality Technology-based Decision Support Systems”, Yoshiyasu Yamada, Yasuaki Kobashi, Masahiko Sunagawa
  • “Expanded Soft Systems Methodology and its Application to Organization Re-design in Indonesia”, Herudi Kartowisastro, Kyoichi Kijima

Vol.2 No.3 March  1994

  • “An Organizational Model of Uncertainty Handling”, Yasushi Ishiyama, Toshizumi Ohta
  • “Model Description Language and its Implementation in actDSS(Ⅲ) ”, Yasuhiko Takahara, Junichi Iijima, Naoki Shiba, Dong Li, Pakpoom Wattanapenpaiboon
  • “Entropy of the Elements and Discrimination Problem in Fuzzy States”, Masafumi Imai, Tomonori Nishikawa, Shizue Shimizu
  • “Network Merit of Improvement and Evolution-Its Foundation by Genetic Algorithm-”, Hiroshi Deguchi

Vol.2 No.2 December  1993
【Guest Article】

  • “Information System Application to Corporate Management”, Iwao Toda


  • “An Exploratory Research on EIS Practices”, Takeshi Kosaka
  • “Composite Evaluation of Investment for Information Network Systems”, Yoshitsugu Ohmae
  • “A Formulation of Information Systems Analysis with Prototyping and its Implementation into a Support System”, Yumiko Suzuki, Ryo Sato

Vol.2 No.1 September  1993
【Guest Article】

  • “Management and Information in International Society”,Yujiro Eguchi


  • “Asymmetry Information on Consumer Credit Industry”, Takashi Miyazaki
  • “A Study on the Use of Software Packages for Business Management with a Personal Computer”, Koichi Yuta
  • “Network Merits and Industrial Structure”, Hiroshi Deguchi

Vol.1 No.3 March  1993
【Guest Article】

  • “Restructuring and the Next Generation of Japanese-Style Management”, Teruyasu Murakami


  • “On a Primitive Formation Process of Organization Simulated by a Multi-Agent System in Block World”, Sachio Horie, Toshizumi Ohta
  • “User Interface in Decision Support System and its Control Support”, Yasuhiko Takahara, Junichi Iijima, Naoki Shiba
  • “An Information System for Quality Control in a Factory with Multi-Item Food Products”, Tohru Inagaki, Tomio Yata, Toyokichi Yui, Takahiro Kuratani
  • “A Study on Foundation of Hierarchical System and Decentralized Autonomous System”, Tadashi Yamamoto, Junichi Iijima, Bunpei Nakano

Vol.1 No.2 January  1993

  • “Technological Standardization for Designing Distributed Information Systems -Focussing Technological Standardization & Programming Methods -”, Tohru Inagaki
  • “ Systemic Analysis of Information and Communication Environments”, Hiroshi Deguchi, Takashi Shintani
  • “Designing a System for Bankruptcy Estimation base upon Neural Networks”, Shozo Tokinaga, Kangho Lee
  • “The Discord between Information Technology and the Needs of Management Organizations”, Masaru Furukawa, Masaharu Ota

Vol.1 No.1 September  1992

  • “Development of the Expert System for Scheduling of Multi-item Seasoning Production”, Tohru Inagaki, Masafumi Asada
  • “Design of Distributed Information Systems Based on Standardization of the Designing Methods- Focussing Methods for Designing Systems and Database -”,Tohru Inagaki
  • “Structure and Characterization of Reconstruction Family”, Bunpei Nakano
  • “On Meaning of Data Flow Diagrams”, Ryo Sato
  • “Design and Implementation of Decision Support System for Constructing of Pay System according to Function by GSS approach”, Jiachun Wu, Pakpoom Wattanapenpaiboon, Junichi Iijima, Hirokazu Tanaka


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